An Indian Summer

We couldn’t have a weekend in Charmouth and not visit Lyme Regis, so on Sunday morning, after a slow start, we set off for some breakfast in Lyme Regis.

If you’ve not been before, it’s worth a visit. Lyme Regis is a charming, lovely little town on the Dorset coast, on the border with Devon. It’s got a lovely, small harbour, and a lovely seafront. There are also lots of lovely eateries such as cafe’s for during the day, and restaurants for the evening, and even some good quality coffee shops.

I like the little independent shops, which sell local pottery and arts and lovely things for your house (or van). We saw a portable stone pizza oven (not very practical in the T4), and kelly kettles, as well as lots of lovely blankets (very practical in the T4 at this time of year).

We walked along the beach to the little harbour and had a cream tea and some Dorset apple cake in the sun. The weather was so lovely and sunny, we were able to sit outside and enjoy our treat, it felt like a late Indian summer.

It was a lovely day, and a lovely weekend overall. A great escape from the stresses of work, and a welcome reminder of what really matters in life; apple cake in the sun with your hubby and puppy.

On the way home, it was still lovely and hot all the way back until we were out of the New Forest. As we got closer to home, the clouds gathered and the rains came again, as if the Universe was also sad that our adventure was over again. Well, not for long. I’m planning our next trip already!


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