When worlds collide…

Well, not so much a collision, and not really worlds either. More of a merging… of blogs….

As soon as we got our new home on wheels; Roller Rex the 746, I have neglected to blog. I’d like to say it was because we have been too busy camping, which is certainly party true, but we’ve also been studying and working had towards our new life.

Part of that is this shiny new website. Our T4 VW blog (ourt4vanlife.wordpress.com) had to make way for something that suits our handsome Roller Rex a bit more. But I didn’t want to lose all our amazing memories with Seabert, so I’ve imported our T4 adventures here. Any posts from the 10th of March 2017 and earlier have come in from our previous blog.

This is where our Rex adventures begin.

It’s actually 28 November 2017as I write this. Clever WordPress lets me backdate this post. All studying is now done, and I finally have free time to develop the site. Posts from September 2017 were written in a google doc as they happened and I’ve just added them to the blog.

Now for some catching up! You can look forward to us picking Rex up, a tour in Europe, weekend trips and a tour of Scotland between now and September, when the serious business of starting a new life begins.

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