Times are changing

It’s been very quiet here, in my tiny little corner of the world wide web, and for good reason as it turns out.

Seabert was being looked after by our friends at TH Performance, who identified the electrical fault and put in a fix. That was great news, and it was even better to get Seabert back. Just in time to travel to the NEC in Birmingham for the Spring Camping & Caravanning show…

We travelled up on friday afternoon, and had a place booked in the little village of Meriden. It was a lovely little site, very clean, all facilities, friendly people. It was full of big caravans and motorhomes and a few smaller ones, and us. To be fair, Seabert was the best looking van there! And I’m not being biased.

The next day we set off early to the NEC, and had some breakfast in the carpark before queueing to be let into the show… Yep, we did that. All for good reason as there was the opportunity to book a motorhome driving lesson, which we got to do and which was awesome!

There were a few specific models of motorhome we wanted to look at for our future plans, and we had half a mind to order one. It turns out that the show is not a good place to research, as it’s so busy it’s difficult to get into the vans to properly look at them. It didn’t really matter because we soon realised we already knew what we wanted, and shortly after lunch we signed on the dotted line for our new Autoroller 746.

It’s very exciting because it’s another step closer to our dreams, but for me it’s bittersweet. I really wanted another year of V-Dubbing, but we will part-exchange our beloved Seabert. I try not to think about giving Seabert up, because it brings a tear to my eye, but it is the right thing to do even if my heart wants to keep him.

So onwards and upwards… One more journey in Seabert, and a view to the future.

I will soon introduce you to our new motorhome.


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