Missing Seabert

Last day of January, and Seabert has been away for nearly two weeks. I miss him.

Yep, that probably sounds crazy to many, but if you have a VDub, you probably understand. We’d be out camping, we would’ve probably stayed in Poole last week, maybe the New Forest the week before. But as it is, we’re at home.

Whilst the engineers work on finding the offending little wire, we continue to make plans for the future, and in particular, what type of vehicle we would want to live in. I’ve researched motorhomes in-depth now, and I have learned an astonishing amount of details about them.

We have a little list of things we’d like, such as good storage like a car boot for more bulky items like our paddleboards, folding bikes, camping chairs, cadac etc. But we also want good inside space, ideally somewhere to work, and somewhere separate to relax, as well as a fixed bed… That’s a lot to ask for… Of course, besides all that, we also want a good bathroom and some space to move around when cooking….

We’ve narrowed down the list and it seems we can get quite a bit of what we want so that’s good. We’re both really excited about it, and I’m super keen to go as soon as possible.

It’s a little way off yet however, so we’re also looking at trips and festivals for this year. And that excites me too, because as I mentioned just now, I’m rather attached to Seabert, and I will miss him very much! So it’s time to enjoy spending time with him while we can. Here’s hoping he’s back with us soon!

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