Dark, dark January

Why does January always seem so dark, with such short days even though they’re actually getting longer again.

Well, this year, it might just have something to do with us having T4 problems again… We had the best time in Exmouth, but when we went to take Seabert out last Saturday, he wouldn’t start. So we’re a bunch of sad puppies and Seabert is booked into the garage again.

It seems we’re not the only ones, as the garage was fully booked, so we have to wait to have him fixed. Here’s hoping it won’t be a big bill!

That means no camping for at least a few weeks. But hopefully it will mean Seabert will be in tip-top condition for our long roadtrips later this year.

We are also planning general bodywork maintenance, so that’s another visit to a different garage, just to keep him looking good and snazzy, without any rust. We want to keep on top of him looking and driving his best because we have started thinking about moving on… As part of our full time vanlife plans, we might say goodbye to Seabert and upgrade to a motorhome.

I can’t imagine parting with Seabert, as I really do love him that much but he’s too small to live in.

Luckily for Seabert and me, this is  a way off yet, so we will have at least of all this year and quite a bit of next year to carry on camping, before setting off into the sunrise in our new motorhome.


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