Say Hello and Wave Goodbye

Today we get to pick up our new Motorhome! Just in time for our planned holiday in France in April. We’re super happy to be getting our new van!

But…. We’re trading Seabert in, so that’s really sad. Deep down in my heart of hearts, I’m not ready to give Seabert up. He’s had such a profound impact on my life, that I would love to keep him forever!

We’ve had the best of times together, with all the festivals and camping trips, and we’ve loved the freedom we’ve had with Seabert parked up outside. We could just take off at a moment’s notice. And the VW community is so great, we made a lot of new friends.

Now it’s time to look ahead though. Seabert and I will always have CamperJam! With Rex we will be supersizing our adventures! And we will be warm with no more leaky seals and water torture drops if it rains…

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