The last few stops before home.

For a few years, I’ve been seeing lovely pictures of people having a great time on their travels in Honfleur and I’ve been keen to visit there. Now that we’re finally travelling along the west coast of France it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure we stop there. Honfleur has a very large Aire, conveniently located close to the centre of town. It gets very busy and it does fill up, and as such it’s not for everyone…

The town itself is very nice, with lots of little restaurants with terraces around the old harbour, where we enjoyed a nice lunch in the sun after we’d explored the shops in the little lanes. It’s great to have finally. been there, and I would certainly go back again although probably not in the high season.


We now only have a couple of days left before we get the train back to good ‘ole Blighty and it’s time to get Luna to the vet for her worming treatment and the required stamp in her passport. Last year we found a good vet who wasn’t too expensive in St Valery sur Somme, so for convenience we decided to go back there again. St Valery sur Somme has a lovely aire and it’s a lovely little village too. See enjoyed our stay there last year so it’s a safe bet. This time, we went on one of the river trips to see the seals in the mouth of the Somme.

Our final stop is in Wissant, a small seaside village with a nice beach not far from Calais. There’s a nice-looking small aire which gets very busy simply because of its proximity to Calais. The beach is busy with kite surfers as we are there, which makes for a very colourful view. We don’t do too much. It seems the thought of our travelling adventure ending has affected our mood a little and we’re a bit sad to stop travelling, although we’re also excited to see family again back home. It’s quite a strange, double feeling.

Finally we arrive at Calais for our train. We’re a bit early, hoping to get an earlier train, but as we arrive we find out that we booked our ticket the wrong way…. Uh oh! What a silly thing to do! Luckily, we can move the date on the ticket and buy a new one so we still get a train back, just a little bit later than planned.

Crisis averted, we are finally on the last drive home. It’s time to catch up with family and friends before starting the next part of our adventure in Canterbury. Exciting times ahead!


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