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Flip-flops HQ has been quiet while we start our summer season in the UK. Well, we’ve not been quiet as you’ll see. It’s been a busy few weeks seeing family and getting into a new routine in Devizes.

We’ve been to Twickenham for some rugby action. The annual pilgrimage to the Army v Navy rugby match, which was one again won by the Army but we had a good day anyway!

We’ve been all dressed up to the nines for a wedding as well! That was novel after such a long time in walking trousers/shoes/flip-flops etc. Turns out we still scrub up half-decent when we put some glad rags on… But walking in heels… That was a bit of a challenge, and not much relished.

We’ve also been busy working on our little camper, Ted the T5. The little camper is our weekend getaway vehicle while we are in the UK and Rex is set up on site. It only had a 3/4 rock ‘N roll bed in it and nothing else, so it needed a bit of work to make it into a proper camper. Stuart has been hard at work building some cupboards for storage which will be the same height as the bed, so we can have a full-width bed as well as storage. There is a cupboard for the porta-potti and space for a coolbox and cooker. This weekend the leisure electrics are going in so we will have some 12v power and the solar panel has also arrived so we don’t need electric hook up. Soon it’ll be ready as a proper, comfortable camper.

Apart from that, we’ve been exploring Devizes and the canal near the campsite. We’ve found lovely pubs (The Barge Inn, Seend Cleeve) along the canal, as well as the lovely Caen Hill Locks café. We met some narrow boat wanderers (insta @theboatfamilyxx) who we could’ve chatted with for hours as they’re living a similar life but on a boat instead of on wheels.

There are beautiful walks in the area that we’re keen to explore, as we’ve kindly been lent some hiking camping gear by our good friends Andy and Sarah who are now in the US walking the Pacific Crest Trail for 6 months! Their adventure is worth following (insta @onlythebarenecessities). They’ve inspired us to try some multi-day hikes this summer, going back to basic with a nothing but what we can carry on our backs. We will let you know how we get on with that!

We’ve been exploring Devizes. We haven’t had much time yet but we’ve found some real gems like a wonderful Italian café, Dolcipani Italian Bakery & Coffee Shop with beautiful food, fresh bread and coffee.
We also found an awesome but somewhat dangerous (for us anyway) coffee shop which is attached to a travel shop, Travelwise. We love it but you can see how we go in for a coffee and come out with a trip booked somewhere… There is a delicious deli, Walter Rose & Son with beautiful fresh produce that take us back to the continent. They have a butcher’s, a fishmonger, a bakery and a very impressive selection of cheese.

We’re sure we’re going to love it here as much as we did in Kent! We also love seeing other travellers updates from sunny Spanish beaches, quaint French villages and other amazing places in Europe and around the world, partly wishing we were on the road as well seeing those beautiful foreign places. But being in the lush, green English countryside is always a real pleasure! And we’re very excited to get exploring in this part of the country.

Truth is we like the change from travelling to working and back. It works for us; the pace of life, the different structure, spending time in the UK. Campsite life is a good life. It’s great to be close to family and friends so we can spend some quality time with people. It also keeps us active and engaged as well as fit. And all the while we’re busy making plans for minitrips that will be coming up soon, like:

– VW festivals

– camping trips with friends

– multi-day hikes with nothing but a little tent, mat and sleeping bag, going back to basics.

– exploring our temporary local area and getting to know Wiltshire and all its splendid history.

Updates on all these adventures to come, as well as some stories about our life at the campsite and how it compares to last summer at Canterbury.

After summer, we’ll be hitting the road again for another long tour, hopefully taking in more of Holland and Portugal, as well as Spain, France and maybe some of Germany if we get enough time and the weather is good.

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3 Responses

  1. Andy and Sarah says:

    The tent suits you! Looking forward to seeing it get an airing
    A and S x

  2. Isi says:

    Just found your blog while having a coffee with my dad on the Starbucks parking. It looks so exciting and I can’t wait to read all your stories on the train later today.
    All the best,

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