Every day is a school day

In the end, the big day came slightly sooner than expected, on New Year’s Eve. We were house-sitting for friends, looking after 8 sheep and a ram, a job which got cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. So when we took Rex of the pitch on New Year’s Eve, we got ready to go with the first stop in Clanfield to see in 2018 with some good friends.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ll know what we’ve been up to. We had to get Rex up to Cannock for some TLC, and once that was done, we could go and enjoy ourselves. During this first week, we’ve visited cities, tiny villages and beautiful coasts. We’ve met up with friends, we’ve battled storms and we’ve found some wonderful safe-havens to stay.

The most interesting thing about this week however, is how much we still have to learn. I can’t quite put my finger on it but this travel feels different to our longer tours like the one in Scotland. I guess that’s because we’re thinking about it differently and because it’s very different finding places to stay in England. We’ve mostly used Britstops and Search for Sites so far. We also got a great tip from someone we met, who’s been on the road for 18 months and who knew a great free spot.

We’ve learned a lot about Rex and about being on the road cheaply. Also that we have to clean Rex ALL THE TIME as he gets mucky quick. Keeping fresh water topped up at every opportunity is important, and we need to get good at finding elsan points and grey water disposal. We’ve learned a lot about communication and that we’re adjusting to a new way of life. We’ve also learned about being organised with our grocery shopping and using up all the food we have rather than letting it go to waste. We’ve learned that we don’t need to eat out all the time and that we don’t need to go out for coffee daily either. I have to say that we’re doing pretty well.

All in all, it’s been a very successful first week. We’ve had a great time, we’ve stayed safe and warm, we’ve seen beautiful places and we’re finding ways to give back to the communities we visit. We have slowed down the pace from driving several hours per day to staying in the same area for a few days.

It seems we have at least another week until we go to Brixham to sort out the house, so we’re planning to do more exploring in the West Country. Let’s hope the weather gods are kind to us!

Happy in Woolly Hats

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  1. Maureen Dougall says:

    Really enjoying reading your posts. All the very best from Andy and I for the future – come and see us when we eventually get to Scotland!!!!!!

  1. January 31, 2018

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