Cromer Crab and the RAC

As soon as we realised that we were near Cromer (we hadn’t researched our Norfolk trip very well), we knew we had to go there to have some crab for lunch!

We didn’t have much time, as we had to start the long journey back to go back to work on Friday, so we drove the van to Cromer and had a walk around the town. It’s a very lovely little town, with a nice pier, small lanes, colourful buildings, and plenty of cafe’s serving crab.

We looked for the goats by the seaside, but unfortunately, they had been removed as apparently people kept feeding them. We checked out all the cafe’s and had a walk along the pier. In the end we had a dressed crab from a street stall, and it was lovely!

Suddenly it was time to leave, and start the long drive back. Luckily the traffic was a bit better so we made pretty good time. It was another very, very hot day and we were both melting in the van, as well as feeling pretty tired after a late night.

We were starting to see the finish-line when we were driving down the A3, coming up to Petersfield, dreaming of cool showers and maybe watching a film that evening, with the fan on its highest setting… And then Seabert made a funny, high-pitched beeping noise.

This is never a good sign! We briefly hoped it was just the oil, but then remembered we had the oil leak fixed already… It was the coolant. OK, maybe it’s not so bad, it’s very hot after all. So we stop at the services, and pop the bonnet. Coolant completely empty. Big stream of water coming out from under the van… Even worse sign than the beep itself…

We filled up the coolant tank and decided to see if we could get to the garage in Havant, it wasn’t far after. Wishful thinking indeed! We made it to the next exit of the A3, the lovely Queen Elizabeth Country Park, and there we waited for the RAC man to come get us. He towed us to Havant, and Seabert was back in the garage, which by now is a weekly occurrence.

Sad times, but I’m definitely going to look into that mechanics course now.

At least the Cromer Crab was nice! We had a lovely trip to Norfolk. Breck Farm campsite is lovely, although the showers could be cleaner, and the area is lovely! Hopefully we’ll visit again someday, when we have more time.

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