Winter Warmers

Staying with the wintry theme a little bit longer, I’ve been thinking about food when camping in winter.

BBQ’s suddenly become a lot less pleasant, especially when the weather is not just cold, but wet as well. No one wants a soggy burger!

Of course there is that lovely country pub with the big lovely fire place, which does lasagna and chips, or a steak pie, but you don’t always want pub food, no matter how nice.

So in our house, the slow cooker has come out. It’s really useful for keeping us fed during the week, but there’s always too much so we have more packs of food ready for camping.

For our next trip, we will have a lovely beef stew, with mushrooms, beans and pearl barley in a red wine and tomato sauce. And all it needs is heating up, and the addition of some lovely crusty bread and butter.

We also have a very spicy chicken jalfrezi ready, which just needs some rice, and a lovely slow-cooked spaghetti bolognese, my favourite.

Good wholesome, warming food to keep healthy during the colder winter months in a van.

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  1. ginasjoys says:

    I love using my slow cooker too.

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