Winter is coming…

No, it’s not just a reference to Game of Thrones, that seems to be coming nearer to spring, and I’m looking forward to Spring already. Again, not just because of Game of Thrones, but because camping will start to be warmer again…

Many online camping and VW forums and groups are full of discussions and questions about camping in the colder weather; from ‘Do you camp all year round’, to ‘what heater have you got’ and my personal favourite ‘How do you entertain yourself when you can’t sit outside?’.

We’ve decided to keep on camping throughout the year. We have no heater and no TV in the van (yet), and I’m pretty sure our solar panel won’t keep us going quite as well in winter so we will probably need electric hook up at some point. We’ll also not go quite as frequently but I am definitely looking forward to cosy nights huddled in the van with a hot chocolate, or finding a field by a pub with a big fire place near a river where we can go for a lovely walk the next day (suggestions welcome!).

We’re also looking for winter camping events now. Not so much VW festivals, more campsites with canteen/restaurant/bar type buildings that are organising some music etc. I’m really hoping for some snow in January, to wake up in the van to a bright white land would be just magical.

I’m sure we’ll learn a lot about what gear we need to have for winter camping, and how to manage simple things like toilets etc (we still don’t have an awning or a toilet), and how to manage getting our lovely vdub dog dry and clean without the van looking like a bombsite after a winter walk. We will figure it all out!

Cosy nights huddled in blankets and duvets, country pubs with big open fires, crisp sunrises, frozen glittery landscapes and beautiful walks.

Winter is coming..? Bring it on! (And then quickly let spring begin again!)

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  1. ginasjoys says:

    Love this. Happy camping!

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