We got the bug..!

After our tour in Europe, we have really caught the bug! So the first two weekends of May, we decide to get away no matter what.

It’s a bit of a balance, as we both have some studying to do as well, so we try to combine the two. For Stuart, that’s not a problem, and actually quite enjoyable. We find pretty places to stay with some nice walks, and off he goes with his camera… For me, however, it means bringing along a big stack of books, reading, researching and writing my assignments.

First, we go to Six Penny Handley in Dorset. It’s a tiny village with a little campsite, Hanlega’s. There are some nice walks, and it’s quiet for my studying as well. There’s a lovely forest nearby, where a lot of wild garlic grows. It’s beautiful and looks like a blanket of snow in spring.

The next weekend, we don’t travel far, but we’re still keen to get away, and we drive all of about half an hour to Soberton where we stay at a small C&CC listed site. Some friends live nearby, so we cycle over to see them, as well as doing some more studying. The Meon Valley is a beautiful place with lovely walks along the old railway line and along streams.

We enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend, we get some good work done, we get to camp, see friends, and have an all-round good time. We didn’t even have to go far. How lucky!


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