Itchy feet

The way things have worked out recently, we’ve now been in one place for over a week. We’re back at base-camp, staying in Portsmouth while we get Rex ready to roll again.

As we were making plans to come back, I surprised myself as I realised how much I wanted to come back to see friends and family. I suddenly felt an urgency to get back, but it was quite a double emotion as we drove straight back from Brixham and we passed by lots of beautiful places like the Purbeck Isle and the New Forest without stopping to visit and explore.

Being back in Portsmouth has been great! It’s really nice to see friends and family, to catch up with everybody, and simply to walk along the seafront, have a rummage in the little shops of Albert Road and have a coffee in my favourite coffeeshop, Home.

A few days in however, we both started to notice that we’re suffering from a new condition… Itchy feet! Wanderlust! A need for coddiwompling! We can’t wait to go exploring again. We’ve been lucky to have been able to catch up with a lot of people, and it’s been great to see people, wander around Southsea and generally catch up on the Homefront, but we’re ready to get going again!

We’re using our time here well, though. We have been working on a few new things for the website, for Rex and ourselves. We might be able to unveil some new things soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

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